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Before using Oxford Whos Who web site and/or any of the services associated with Oxford Whos Who, please read through the Terms and Conditions of Use. Using the services of Oxford Who's Who site and/or any associated services indicates your acceptance of the Terms.

These terms apply to Oxford Who's Who site, associated services, all sub pages, search result pages, direct links through , Oxford Who's Who third party associates, affiliates, sub domains, member database, and events hosted or promoted by Oxford Who's Who. Use of these services indicates you have read and understand the terms, agree to the terms, and acknowledge them as binding and enforceable. Terms may be amended from time to time in which case they will be posted in the Terms and Conditions section on the site. Continuing to use the site acknowledges acceptance of the changes.

1. Non Affiliation

Oxford Who's Who is neither associated with, nor part of, any other association unless specifically identified as such by Oxford Who's Who. Should representation of association by any party, other than Oxford Who's Who be stated or implied, you are asked to notify Oxford Who's Who at Oxfordwhoswho@gmail.com

2. Benefits of Membership

Oxford Who's Who is dedicated to serving a wide assortment of need of today’s women & men of leadership through comprehensive and ever-evolving services designed to promote personal and professional development.

Registering for inclusion with Oxford Who's Who is without charge. Proactive participation in the full services and support of Oxford Who's Who is reserved for those who choose to participate at that level and who decide to put to use the full benefits and privileges of membership and bear a reasonable fee for such services. The benefits and privileges make Oxford Who's Who a valuable set of tools for those seeking personal and professional development. They include, but are not limited to, total access to all other members at all times, the biggest discounts, first rights to any and all events available on a first-come-first-serve basis, new benefits that will be offered from time to time, and all other membership privileges reserved for qualified members.

3. Use of Services and Oxford Who's Who

All content contained within Oxford Who's Who site is the intellectual and proprietary property of Oxford Who's Who and made available solely for the benefit and use of visitors to Oxford Who's Who and paid members. Content is protected by U.S. and International copyright, trademark, and intellectual property law. The logo, the domain and the site are also intellectual property owned by Oxford Who's Who. Content outside this scope is attributed to its proper source. Improper use of the intellectual property of Oxford Who's Who may result in civil and/or criminal charges against the user.

Services provided exclusively for paid members constitute a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license between Oxford Who's Who and the user, which may change from time to time at the discretion of Oxford Who's Who, when deemed to provide additional benefits and/or enhanced delivery of services. Services renew annually for $119 making all then existing programs, products, benefits, and services available to members. Said renewal will transact on the fifteenth of the month prior to the month of initial membership in each subsequent year. Notification to not renew must be in writing and received prior to the renewal date, as herein defined. An e-mail to Oxfordwhoswho@gmail.com would be acceptable.

In an effort to continue to enhance the services and experiences of its users , may, from time to time, add, delete, or edit its content without prior notice to the users. Oxford Who's Who may rely on information provided by the users about the users and should such information contain an error, Oxford Who's Who shall bear no liability. Interruptions in service may occur for an assortment of reasons outside the control of Oxford Who's Who and Oxford Who's Who shall bear no liability in such cases. User acknowledges that, while these circumstances are possible, the benefits, privileges, and services provided for users exceed such circumstances.

Users agree not to engage in any of the following:
• Reproduce any content, images, services, or intellectual property of Oxford Who's Who without express written consent from Oxford Who's Who
• The transfer, distribution, modification, or republishing of any or all intellectual, proprietary property without written consent from Oxford Who's Who
• Remove or tamper with any copyrighted, trademarked, and /or other registered marks without written consent from Oxford Who's Who
• Share membership rights with any third party without written consent from Oxford Who's Who
• Cause any interruption of the use of Oxford Who's Who services by other members
• Corrupt the content, product, or services in any way
• Violate any of the Terms and Conditions of Use
• Assume ownership rights to any of the intellectual, proprietary property of Oxford Who's Who

At the sole discretion of Oxford Who's Who, members found to be in violation of any of the Terms and Conditions of Use of Oxford Who's Who site, may have their membership rights revoked, shall not be due any prorated refund, and Oxford Who's Who maintains its right to pursue any other applicable remedy(ies).

4. Confidentiality

All users of Oxford Who's Who site recognize that the information provided through the services of Oxford Who's Who is confidential and made available solely for the use and benefit of qualified users. Violation of the proprietary status of the information is considered to be violation of trade secrets as the products, programs and other benefits and privileges of Oxford Who's Who have been created at the expense of Oxford Who's Who and may not otherwise be known outside of the scope of the use of Oxford Who's Who site. Disregard of the proprietary nature of the property of Oxford Who's Who may result in significant loss to Oxford Who's Who and countless authorized users. Therefore, Oxford Who's Who will pursue the protection of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, Section 757 of the Restatement of Torts.

5. Acceptable Use

Oxford Who's Who exists for the benefit of qualified users and proudly provides products, programs, services, and various information deemed to assist in users personal and professional development. The spirit of Oxford Who's Who is one of like-mindedness with an open exchange of information between various parties and from time to time.

Oxford Who's Who will remain true to its mission and use of Oxford Who's Who site. Defamatory remarks, statements, implications, etc, made against Oxford Who's Who, individual members, and/or certain combinations of members would be to contradict the very reason for the existence of Oxford Who's Who and such remarks are defined as inappropriate.

Oxford Who's Who permits and encourages qualified users to avail themselves of the ongoing oppor- tunity to edit their personal profiles. In the interest of the overall quality of the site and in consideration of its intended use, Oxford Who's Who will have the right to remove inappropriate information, use of unacceptable language, and defamatory statement made against other members and or Oxford Who's Who. Persistent use of the site for such purposes may result in loss of benefits and privileges. Should the removal of any such information bear a cost to Oxford Who's Who, said cost will be passed-on to the user who has caused such expense to be incurred.

6. Liability Limitation

Under the terms of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Oxford Who's Who is defined as a service provider and makes available all information without liability as to accuracy and makes no specific or implied warrants as to what results from the user of the information, products, programs, benefits, and privileges associated with Oxford Who's Who.

Users agree to indemnify and hold Oxford Who's Who harmless and without liability from any loss, damages, claims, demands or obligation that may arise out of the breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use of Oxford Who's Who.

The maximum liability and only remedy of users for any cause, whatsoever, is limited to the value of the membership fee(s) paid by the user, as applicable based on venue.

7. Jurisdiction

Any and all disputes shall be governed by the State of New York and by arbitration of a panel of three neutral Arbitrators and in Suffolk County, according to the U.S. Arbitration Act. Any such arbitration found to the benefit of the user will not include any consequential, exemplary, special, or punitive damages unless non-waivable as defined by applicable statutes. Users agree that any such determination shall remain confidential and will be subject to the entry of a non-disclosure order.

This is the full and complete Terms and Conditions of Use. In addition to the Privacy Policy, these terms constitute the complete agreement between Oxford Who's Who and its users.